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Ma - Vr: 9:30 - 17u

foto Marise

Marise Bout is a naturopathic therapist and an accredited KG Hypnobirthing Teacher.

A few facts:

  • Marise is a BATC-therapist with HBO-Medical Basic Knowledge (Plato-conform). She is broadly trained in the field of holistic women’s care, bodywork & pregnancy counselling. Her affiliation to a professional association means that she regularly takes refresher courses, shares knowledge and experience with colleagues through intervision and has a complaints procedure.
  • The birth of her daughter in 2019 inspired her to specialise in pregnancy and birth.
  • She is constantly on the move and likes to read new books. Thus, there is now a small library at the practice.
  • Furthermore, she lives a conscious, simple life with a green touch.
  • She used to want to become a biologist. Nature and everything that grows and blossoms is still a great source of inspiration.
  • She ended up studying Social Geography and still has a preference for diversity and cultures from all over the world. She travelled to China and Ghana and studied and worked in the Balkans. It will not come as a surprise that English speaking expats and citizens of the world are also very welcome at Marise’s!
  • She is familiar with the different flavours of life. Hence the name of the practice. Natural Waves. Moving with the waves of life. Surfing the waves.
  • Core values: freedom, space, justice.
  • Qualities: calm, attentive, reliable, clear, creative.