ABOUT marise

complementary therapist & hypnobirthing teacher

Women’s health specialist

Hi I am Marise. For women’s health issues you are welcome for personal, nature-based support at my practice Natural Waves, for example when you experience issues like:

  • fertility problems, reproductive health issues
  • menstruation & hormonal disbalance (PMS, cramps, endometriosis, PCOS etc)
  • (peri)menopausal issues
  • insomnia
  • and more
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Integral approach

My integral approach is based on your inner wisdom and self-healing ability and aims to improve your whole quality of life. Because your needs and discomfort are not puzzle pieces, but part of your whole being.

My holistic knowledge comes from the following trainings:

  • Fertiliteitsreflexologie – 2023
  • Ayurveda & De Vrouw – 2022
  • Hypnotherapie en regressie – 2022
  • Bevallingsmassage en massage van de kraamvrouw – 2021
  • Hypnobirthing Teacher – 2020
  • Ademhalingstherapie – 2019
  • Voetreflextherapie -2017
  • Moxatherapie – 2017
  • Basisopleiding Ayurveda – 2016
  • Ayurvedische massage (ook super als fertiliteitsmassage!) – 2014
  • Jaaropleiding massage – 2014
  • Jaaropleiding natuurvoedingsleer – 2015
  • Training Mindfulness – 2012
  • Medische Basiskennis (HBO-niveau, Plato-conform) – 2016
  • Doorgaande beoefening Zijnsoriëntatie – 2014 – heden
  • Sociale Geografie (Master of Arts)

This makes me an all-round BATC therapist with HBO-Medical Basic Knowledge (Plato-conform). This means that I am broadly trained in the field of integral body-mind methods. My affiliation to the professional association BATC also means that I take regular refresher courses, share knowledge and experience with colleagues through intervision, have a complaints procedure and last but not least, that my treatments are eligible for reimbursement by the health insurance company.


I am familiar with the different flavours of life. Hence the name of the practice. Natural Waves. Moving with the waves of life. Surfing the waves.

After working as a Human Geographer in the Netherlands and abroad for a long time, I decided to train myself in awareness work from 2014 onwards, initially for my own relaxation (yes, I too was like so many in my head a lot and missed a sense of self-care) and increasingly for others, to focus fully on the practice from 2020 onwards.

The birth of my daughter in 2019 inspired me to specialise in pregnancy and birth. So in spring 2020 I followed the KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training in Glasgow and next to her practice I give Dutch and English private and group lessons in hypnobirthing. A journey that continues.

That is why I have joined the professional cooperation for Childbirth Educators (BCE), which stands for high quality prenatal education and counselling. Childbirth educators with the BCE quality mark have a first-rate educational background and constantly keep their knowledge up to date, based on the vision: “realistic information from a positive approach, aimed at trust in the birth process and with direction from the pregnant woman and her partner”.

Core values: freedom, space, justice.

Qualities: calm, attentive, reliable, clear, creative.