Respiratory problems can arise from energetic or emotional problems. With breathwork such as mudras, acupressure techniques, qi gong exercises and breathing exercises you both relieve. Breathwork also gives relaxation and energy and plays an important role during childbirth. 

We breathe all our lives. When we consciously connect with our breathing, we are directly present to ourselves. Not for nothing is breathing an important anchor in many meditation techniques. 

Balanced breathing

Breathing can change due to experiences at a young or older age. This way you can start dosing or securing breathing. Many people experience breathing unbalanced. It disrupts cell breathing in our body (the cell absorbs oxygen and nutrients less well and excretes waste less well) and is often involved in complaints such as hyperventilation, emotional turmoil, asthma, allergies and chronic fatigue. Muscle pain such as neck and shoulder problems can also be caused by incorrect breathing. Therefore, a respiratory method also supports pregnancy ailments such as back and pelvic pain and ligament pain.

breathing fresh air in nature: natural breathwork

Awareness of breath

By returning to full breathing, we invite every piece of ourselves to be present again in what is now. If you are physically unwell in your skin, then a better breathing technique provides relief from imbalance and discomfort. It also touches root causes. With the awareness of your breathing you enter another dimension of being and you start flowing again.

Breathwork methodolgy

I use breathing as a powerful tool to raise your consciousness and release the ballast in your life. During a consultation with respiratory therapy I observe your breathing, we discuss your complaints and we start breathing. As a paramedical naturopathic therapist I can guide you 1-to-1 professionally in the safe environment of the practice.

To make room for deeper breathing, I apply therapeutic massage techniques. I also give you advice and breathing exercises where necessary. Furthermore, custom mudras, acupressure techniques and qi gong exercises support breathing.