Calf cramps

What causes calf cramps in pregnancy?

The cause of calf cramps during pregnancy is not entirely clear. It is likely that a deficiency of moisture and a disturbed ratio of salts and nutrients in the mother causes the calf cramps. The growing baby extracts it from the mother. Also, the increased weight that the mother has to bear and a reduced blood flow of the legs by an enlarged uterus that exerts pressure on the vessels probably contribute to the onset of calf cramps. Exercising too intensively can also cause calf cramps.

What to do about calf cramps in pregnancy?

Tips against calf cramps when you are pregnant are good drinking and moving and stretching the legs when the cramp shoots in. In addition, therapeutic massage of the feet and lower legs contribute to a good blood flow of your limbs. Good breathing also supports the oxygen supply to your muscles. Balanced diet also stimulates the overall metabolism. This relieves your calf cramps in pregnancy in a natural way.

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Most women experience pregnancy ailments during pregnancy. By taking good care of yourself you get through your pregnancy as energetically and balanced as possible and you suffer as little discomfort as possible. This post is part of an overview of frequently asked questions about mild pregnancy ailments and the natural ways to relieve them. If you have anxiety or extreme cases, contact your obstetrician.