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Hi, I am Marise, Dutch and English (Engels) speaking doula in Utrecht. I am a familiar and reliable companion at the birth of your baby in the Utrecht region. I provide this continuous support in addition to the medical support from an obstetrician or gynaecologist. To expats and international couples, since I have an international orientation with quite some work and travel experience abroad myself (Balkans, China, Ghana).

Within the regular birth care there can be changes of personnel due to medical indications, transfers and shifts. There is also little attention for your inner process. This can be a source of anxiety for you and your partner, with all the consequences this has on the birthing process.

With my presence I can help you to have a smooth, easy delivery that you can look back on positively. The continuous, loving presence of a doula can be a great contribution to:

  • a shorter birth
  • less pain relief
  • less interventions

I am available in the city/region of Utrecht.

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Doula vs midwife

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The time of pregnancy and birth is a transition from woman to mother, a life event. Within birth care, also among midwives and gynaecologists, there is a lot of attention for male qualities. Measuring, knowing, achieving goals. Then the feminine energy can fade into the background, while your feminine wisdom is so important for your own well-being, that of your baby, your partner relationship, your community and society in general. A doula can help you to walk another path and be consciously present in your inner journey of pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

Doula massage and intuition

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What I find important as a doula in Utrecht is to leave you free in your choices surrounding the birthing process and to tap into your intuitive and own wisdom. You know who you are, what you want and what you need. So also concerning your delivery, your baby and motherhood. That is why I use bodywork, birth art & meditation techniques to tap into those wise layers in you. Of course I also use integral body-mind methods and all my knowledge and experience as a BATC therapist / pregnancy specialist and hypnobirthing teacher. I also have a network of conscious birth workers in Utrecht, for whom I am happy to be your guide.

Availability doula Marise

doula english term birth coach
  • Personal coaching by Marise Bout, English speaking doula in Utrecht
  • Available for personal guidance of 1 couple per month
  • Here in the personal setting of the practice in Utrecht Rivierenwijk or at your home in the region Utrecht / Randstad.
  • You can also contact me for a private or group course on hypnobirthing and additional tailor-made counselling.

Steps to doula support

  1. Free doula call or meeting in English or Dutch
  2. Proposal personal doula plan
  3. Start your journey to your birth in the Netherlands

Doula package 1 – basic

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  • Introductory meeting
  • 3 meetings during your pregnancy, with tailored content:
  • talks, meditation, bodywork, breathwork, mudras
  • Your birth wishes in a map or picture with birth art or birth plan
  • If necessary, we will take you to the midwife or gynaecologist
  • You can call, app and email
  • 1 maternity visit for a listening ear
  • Up to 2 months after the birth you can reach us
  • Lots of love, attention and knowledge

Doula package 2 – extensive

doula geeft rebozo massage
  • Introductory meeting
  • 3 meetings during your pregnancy with a tailor made programme:
  • talks, meditation, body work, breath work, mudras
  • Your birth wishes in a map or image with birth art or birth plan
  • If necessary we take you to the midwife or gynaecologist
  • A complete holistic pregnancy massage
  • You may call, email and chat
  • 2 maternity visits for a listening ear
  • 2 postnatal mum massages
  • Up to 2 months after the birth available for you
  • Lots of love, attention & knowledge

Doula package 3 – postpartum

mudra postpartum

Introductory meeting postpartum doula counselling

Footbath & afterbirth story

5 postpartum meetings with tailor-made content:

conversations, postpartum massage, meditation, body work, breath work, mudras, natural nutrition

Mother blessing & womb packing

You may call, appen and email

Up to 3 months after the birth available for you

Lots of love, attention & knowledge

Frequently asked questions

What is a doula?

A doula is a wise and knowledgeable woman who personally accompanies a pregnant woman around the birth. A doula is also called pregnancy coach, birth coach or delivery coach. She provides emotional and physical support to the pregnant woman and her partner, in addition to the medical support from a midwife or gynaecologist. Doula stands for “serving woman” in Greek. A doula gives confidence in the birth process and the transition to motherhood, by being present and sharing her wisdom and expertise.

What are the advantages of a doula?

More confidence and less fear of giving birth
Shorter childbirths
Less medical inductions, such as with a balloon catheter or with synthetic oxytocin
Fewer medical interventions
Less need for pain relief, such as an epidural
Fewer artificial childbirths, such as by ventouse
Fewer caesarean sections
Positive effect on mother-child bonding
Positive effect on breastfeeding
Positive effect on the maternity period & motherhood in general

Has the doula effect been verified in the Netherlands?

The doula effect is the positive effect of continuous support from a trusted professional on the birthing experience of the woman giving birth. It means that women experience a more pleasant, faster and more positive birth when they are lovingly supported by one experienced, knowledgeable woman. This effect was known from abroad until recently and has now been verified for the Dutch situation as well.

Who can use a doula?

Anyone can use a doula as an additional support in addition to regular birth care. If you are anxious about giving birth, worried about pain or interventions, or have negative or traumatic experiences, beliefs or emotions about giving birth, a doula can give you that extra bit of confidence. Also if you are single, if your partner is not around or if you have a child with a gay couple, a doula is an interesting option. In intercultural relationships with a foreign partner an (extra) birth partner who is there for you in your language can also be a great help.