Five nature-oriented principles


Man is an inseparable part of nature. By following the rhythms of nature, you keep the energy level on arrow. If the energy is blocked, everything runs less well and body and mind revolt. As the energy flows you experience more grounding, you have a better night's sleep, you are less tired and digest your nutrition and events better.

Stimulus transfer

In the case of a disturbed stimulus transfer, there is a good chance that there is imbalance. If we lift these through therapeutic massage techniques including acupressure, the communication in the body improves, which causes the energy to flow. Adjustments in the diet also support the transfer of stimulus.


An unhealthy lifestyle burdens body and mind. Also, bad experiences can lock themselves in. Therapeutic massage methods and breathing work increase awareness of what is happening to you and support your wisdom in dealing with it. Adjustments in lifestyle and nutrition relieve the burden on the body and mind. By letting go physically and mentally you feel lighter and you are more comfortable in your skin.

Power supply

Lack of touch is also called skin hunger. With energetic body work, this need is supplemented, for example by adding energy via acupressure. In addition, we look at the diet. That means that some foods are omitted or added. The result is greater mental and physical fitness, a sense of calm and inner strength.


Body and mind are inextricably linked. By nurturing the body, the mind also comes to rest and gives it the opportunity to come to new insights at a deep level and release old mind-sets. In this clear state of being there is room to make choices that nourish you physically, mentally and spiritually. There's no right or wrong. You can take what suits you at that moment. The art is to be aware.