Free masterclass Hypnobirthing

Every month, I organise a free Masterclass Hypnobirthing with up to 25 participants to prepare you for a smooth and peaceful birth. 🤱🤰I will address the following questions during a group videocall:

  • What happens to my body during the birth process?
  • How does my uterus work during childbirth?
  • What are my birth hormones and why is their influence on the birth process?
  • What can I do to prepare for an optimal birth experience?
  • How does hypnobirthing support an optimal birth experience?

I also share my three golden tips for an optimal hypnobirth!

So if you feel like submitting to a taster of either the live parents’ course, a private course or the online hypnobirthing course in English or Dutch, sign up for this Free Masterclass Hypnobirthing.

Looking forward to see you soon!