Water birth in the Netherlands

A bath birth with hypnobirthing in the Netherlands. I did it myself. My personal experience with it inspired me to become a Hypnobirthing Teacher. But at the time it was just as good to look for the possibilities and practical rules to make it possible. Therefore here a signpost for this way of naturally giving birth in the water. What is it, how does it work, what are the benefits, where can you do it and how do you get such a bath. So you can find your way easier.

History of bath births

Some twenty or thirty years ago hardly anyone had heard of water births, despite the fact that the Netherlands is internationally known as the country of home births. In the meantime, giving birth in the bath is certainly no longer an exception. Pioneer in the field of natural childbirth was gynecologist Michel Odent. From Pithivier, near Paris, he introduced the world to ways of natural giving birth. Among other things, he introduced birth rooms, recommended baths and singing lessons for pregnant women. In the Netherlands we have a long tradition of giving birth at home and because you can easily put a bath at home, a bath birth is now a common choice. If your pregnancy is healthy and normal, childbirth can take place at home and you can therefore also give birth in the bath. Several midwives in Utrecht city and region are experienced with accompanying bath births and are happy to assist you if you go for this option. But in the meantime, Stichtse’s birthhouses and hospitals also offer bath births. Think of St. Anthony and the Diakonessenhuis.

Why hypnobirthing at a water birth?

A bath birth with hypnobirthing is to let nature do its job and be at ease, enveloped by warm, soft water. Both the bath and the hypnobirthing tools and techniques support the natural birth process, making childbirth smoother and easier. The extensive pregnancy course teaches you how your body works and what it is designed for and thus contributes to the confidence in your female body to allow your baby to be born easily and quietly. Hypnobirthing teaches you, in the weeks on the way to childbirth, to train your body connection, so that you no longer have to think about it in the bath and you can let go. Letting go also causes substances to be released into your body that support the birth process. Did you know that endorphins are a body’s own painkiller with a force 20 to 200 times the size of morphine? Hypnobirthing therefore helps you in the physical and physical birth process. The warm, soothing water does the rest. Should you still want to give birth in an outpatient or in a hospital? No point, of course the same processes play out there.

The benefits of a bath birth with hypnobirthing

The benefits of a bath birth with hypnobirthing are legion.

  • Relaxation. The main advantage is that you relax by hypnobirthing and the water, which is nice at temperature (37-38 degrees). By relaxing and the childbirth hormones doing their job, your body and mind are more at ease. Women who have opted for a bath birth often indicate that their water delivery and access have been relatively easy.
  • More likely to have an intact perineum. The perineum is relaxed and softened by the warm water and therefore moves more easily with your baby on its way out. In any case, childbirth in general often proceeds more smoothly and gradually.
  • Mobility. You can also stick to the firm edges of the inflatable soft rubber bath and move around in the water easily. You can easily get into the position you feel best about at that moment, because gravity has largely turned you off. Today’s baths are spacious enough for both seated and reclining grace postures. Also on hands and knees is possible.
  • Birthplace: With hypnobirthing you will learn how to make your birthplace a nice, your own place where you feel in your place and at ease. So you can surrender to your birth bubble.
  • Birth bubble. Sitting alone in the bath made sure that I could dive into my bubble and focus on the birth.
  • Role birth partner. Another advantage of an inflatable waiting bath is that your partner has a clear role. He can test the bath (nice to take some pictures) pump up, set it up, fill it up and make sure the water is well at temperature. For my partner, it was nice to be so busy. Your partner can also bathe or make contact with you from the edge to support you with hypnobirthing techniques such as massage and positive anchors.
  • Equal transition for the baby: For the baby it is nice to come into the world via the water. Thus, the transition from the amniotic fluid to the outside is natural. By the way, did you know that your baby just holds his breath when he’s born in the water? It is only from the water that the little one begins to fill his lungs with air.

Should a bath birth due to medical conditions not be possible or become possible? Know that with hypnobirthing you have prepared for childbirth in any situation, circumstance and place. You can do it, anyway.

Birth partner and child in bath

Your birth partner, child or children can also easily be present in the bath or around the bath. Below are a few pictures for inspiration.

Where in Utrecht can you give birth in the bath?

A bath birth in the Utrecht region is possible in the following places:

  • At home
  • Birth centre Utrecht / St. Antonius (Leidsche Rijn): there are two delivery suites with a special delivery bath.
  • Geboortehuis (Utrecht Oost near the Diakonessenhuis): two professional birth baths for a water birth present in the birth house, bath births are also possible in the maternity suites.
  • Baring pools are now also available at the WKZ on the Uithof. There is also a bathtub available for catching the contractions, but you can’t give birth in that.

There are more and more locations where you are allowed to take your own birth pool. Are you from another region? There must be opportunities there too.

Where do you rent or buy a childbirth pool?

  • Would you like to rent an inflatable recommended bath? Remember that you often have to buy a loose cover for hygiene. They often cost a few tens. The price for the rental of the bath itself is soon 100-200 euros.
  • You can also buy. Look on the internet! Prices start at about 200 euros. Of course, you can also search marketplace for a second-hand birth bath. This is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative.
  • Several midwifery practices in the Utrecht region have a recommended bath for rental. Often these obstetric practices also have experience in guiding a water delivery, so convenient.
  • Through specialized landlords such as childbirth baths or Oerbron.

Additions or tips on this guide for a bath birth in Utrecht? Contact me!