Hypnobirthing roos visualisatie openen baarmoedermond

Unique hypnobirthing course from the Netherlands to release tension and give birth with confidence. For you and your partner, designed for a calm, smooth and natural birth. Everything you expect from hypnobirthing classes and more!

resultaat hypnobirthing cursus

This Hypnobirthing Pro pregnancy course has been developed by Marise Bout. She is an experienced hypnobirthing teacher, hypnobirthing mother with a positive birth experience, holistic BATC therapist & human geographer and decided after two years of teaching to merge all these backgrounds into a unique course programme.

What makes Hypnobirthing Pro unique?

  • Self-developed English and Dutch hypnobirthing mp3s and exercises with a solid hypnosis basis (breathing techniques, visualisation, anchors)
  • Additional holistic body-mind techniques for relaxation in childbirth (mudras, childbirth massage and more)
  • Zooming in and out: Dutch birth care in an international context
  • Comprehensive tools for decision making, navigating and giving birth in your own right
  • Personalisation of your hypnobirthing journey
  • Positive, open and realistic approach
  • Extensive lists of resources and references for further reading

When is this English hypnobirthing course for you?

donkere moeder met naakte baby
  • If you want to have a positive preparation for childbirth with your partner
  • When you are giving birth without a partner
  • If you already followed a hypnobirthing course and you are going to give birth again
  • If you want to go more in depth than the average hypnobirthing course
  • If you want to learn everything you need to know to navigate birth care
  • If you want to know more about regional differences in birth care, locally and globally

Hypnobirthing Pro course options

Hypnobirthing Pro course content

Module 1: The background and effect of hypnosis in childbirth, physiology of birth, positive birth experience

Module 2: Breathing exercises, hypnosis exercises with partner, visualisations, birth affirmations, additional body-mind techniques, physical preparation

Module 3: Navigating in childbirth care, international context and development, decision-making & communication with care providers, BRAINS method, case study in induction of labour

Module 4: The birth experience, place of birth, phases of birth, labour massage, golden hours


I look back on the birth with a good feeling. This birth went very consciously, with a lot of peace! With reflection, space to make your own choices and more of a feeling of being in control. Thank you for that! – Mother

We are very greatful for the hypnobirthing course as the tips and tricks you taught us were a huge help to us both. Hypnobirthing helped us have an open mind & to ask all the right questions – Mom and dad

With the help of the scripts and the anchors, I was able to “relax” through it very well and was very relaxed. We are really very grateful for everything you have taught us and all the materials we have been given. It has been such a nice experience and the fact that I have not been scared or nervous for a second is really great. All the practising has been absolutely worth it! – Mother


What are the advantages of a Hypnobirthing Pro course for mother and baby?

Contributes to a calmer, more comfortable birth experience, sometimes pain-free
Your baby comes into the world in a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to attach, as nature intended
Hypnobirthing Pro births are often shorter
Usually less medication & interventions such as a caesarean section or vacuum pump are needed, allowing your baby to develop naturally and easily after birth
Mothers often recover faster after the birth, because the physical impact of the birth is less
Your birth partner learns to support you and take an active role in the birth process. A valuable experience shared between the two of you.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing Pro after birth?

The benefits of the hypnobirthing techniques support you not only during the birth process, but also afterwards. As new parents, you can continue to use the learned techniques for general relaxation and peace. A positive birth experience also contributes to a better bonding between parents and child, more energy and vitality after birth and the start of breastfeeding.

What do you do to guard the quality of the prenatal course?

Teacher Marise Bout is affiliated with the Dutch professional co-operation for ChildBirth Educators (BCE). BCE stands for high quality prenatal education and counselling. Teachers with the BCE quality mark have a first class educational background and keep their knowledge constantly up to date, based on the vision: “realistic information from a positive approach, aimed at trust in the birth process and with guidance from the pregnant woman and her partner”. You can find her on the BCE website under pregnancy courses in Utrecht.

What is the best time to start with Hypnobirthing Pro?

This can be done at any time during the pregnancy. Most women start the hypnobirthing course in the second or third trimester, after the 20-week ultrasound. Are you more than 34 weeks pregnant? Then you can also consider a private crash course.

For what kind of births can I apply Hypnobirthing Pro?

Home births such as a bath delivery and deliveries in a maternity hospital or hospital (or the backseat of a taxi). With hypnobirthing you prepare yourself positively for any situation and environment, whatever happens.

Why does Hypnobirthing Pro always consist of 12 hours?

Training your body-mind connection (mindset) is similar to training a muscle. If you only read theory, you have not yet trained your body-mind muscle. Therefore, Hypnobirthing Pro consists of 12 hours course time and practice at home. With an experienced teacher who can help you with questions in between and offers support where you can use it.

What books can I read for inspiration during this hypnobirthing course?

These are all wonderful inspirational books to prepare for childbirth, but be selective and choose only 1 or 2 and focus the rest of the time on the course and the hypnobirthing exercises in preparation.

Positief over bevallen, Milli Hill – Mama’en, Nina Pierson – HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method, Marie Mongan – The Hypnobirthing Book, Katharine Graves – Mindful Hypnobirthing, Sophie Fletcher – Vrije Geboorte, Anne Myrte Korteweg – Mijn reis naar binnen, Anne Myrte Korteweg – Liefdevol bevallen, Mirjam Vos – Veilig bevallen, Beatrijs Smulders

Is Hypnobirthing Pro a childbirth course or a pregnancy course?

Because Hypnobirthing Pro prepares you for childbirth, it is more of a childbirth course than a pregnancy course.

Are insurance reimbursements possible for this English hypnobirthing course?

If you have a supplementary insurance for pregnancy and birth care in the Netherlands, there are possibilities for reimbursement of the course. Ask your health insurer about the possibilities.

Can I also join from abroad?

Also when you are living, working or travelling abroad, you’re very welcome to the English online or private virtual course. With a background as a Human Geographer I am very happy to welcome parents from all over the world. I have experience with teaching parents from France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Ireland, the UK, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, China, Columbia and more to come!

Can I still attend the course during a COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes, I will replace the live classes with virtual sessions and you will receive all the course material online