Integral therapy

Integral therapy

Integral naturopathic therapy means that I apply several nature-oriented methods integrally to enhance your energy and balance. This means that there is attention for the physical, mental and spiritual side of man and life, as described in the five nature-oriented principles at the bottom of the page. The treatment is based on your inner wisdom and self-healing capacity and is aimed at improving your whole quality of life. Because your discomfort is not a puzzle piece, but part of your whole being.

Method and duration

The first consultation is a comprehensive one. You share why you come to me and I ask questions to identify what you are dealing with. Beforehand you fill in the intake form, so I can ask you specific questions during the consultation. Sometimes I will also do an additional scan. For instance, a foot diagnosis or constitution test. Then I propose a personal treatment plan. This is an integral route for more energy and balance, so that everything runs more smoothly again. We schedule a number of appointments and then get to work. Usually you feel a lot better after five to eight tim

Can’t it be done any faster?

No, it can’t. Symptoms have often been around for a long time. Then your whole system has come to be affected by your discomfort and/or imbalance. You need time to unbalance yourself naturally

Are there reimbursements possible?

That depends on your insurance. Ask your health insurer about the conditions for additional (partial) reimbursement before you come. The performance codes that qualify are 24005 – Naturopathy, 24009 – Foot Reflexology and 24014 – Ayurveda.

Would you like to get an introduction?

You are welcome to come and meet me for 15 minutes without any obligation. Or to make an appointment for a first extensive consultation.

Make an appointment

Book an appointment directly in the online agenda.Do you want a last-minute appointment or is there no suitable time listed? Send an e-mail or call 06-40143722! Who knows, there may still be a place available! You can cancel or move an appointment up to 48 hours in advance without any costs. After that I will charge the full rate.

Man is an inseparable part of nature. By becoming aware of how your natural balance works, you keep your energy level up. When the energy is blocked, everything runs less smoothly and body and mind revolt. When the energy flows, you experience more grounding, have a better night’s sleep, are less tired and digest food and events better.

Stimulation transfer
If the transmission of stimuli is disturbed, there is a good chance that there is an imbalance. If we remove this imbalance, communication in the body improves, allowing more energy to flow. The result is greater mental and physical fitness, a sense of calm and inner strength.

An unhealthy lifestyle taxes body and mind. Unpleasant experiences can also take root and restless thoughts can influence the transmission of stimuli in the body and mind. By letting go physically and mentally, you feel lighter and more comfortable. At Natural Waves Body Mind Center you support the process of releasing mental turmoil and tension through breathing techniques, landing in your body and letting go with therapeutic massage methods including acupressure and moxa and lymphatic drainage (draining excess fluid) with the foot reflexology method.

The malfunctioning of the intestines has a great influence on your energy balance and feeling good about yourself. Nutrition adjusted to individual needs is nourishing for the physical and mental well-being. This means that some foods are omitted or added. The same applies to your lifestyle. By becoming aware of nourishing habits and lifestyle, you nourish your overall vitality.

Body and mind are inextricably linked. It is not for nothing that in the East they are regarded as one. By nurturing the body, the mind comes to rest (and vice versa) and is given the opportunity to reach new insights on a deep level and let go of old mind-sets. In this clear state of being, there is room to make choices that nourish you physically, mentally and spiritually.