Morning sickness

What is morning sickness?

Morning sickness is nausea that pregnant women experience especially in the first trimester of their pregnancy, up to 16 weeks gestation. It affects more than half of pregnant women. It ranges from feeling nauseous for the occasional day (especially in the morning!) to lying flat on the bed for days and not wanting anything. It is possible that the adapted endocrine system and the pressures in your head around pregnancy play a role in the onset of the nausea, but much is still unclear about the exact causes. Usually it passes by itself, but a small proportion of pregnant women remain nauseous throughout the pregnancy to a greater or lesser extent. Smelling unpleasant odors and eating fatty foods can evoke nausea.

What to do in case of morning sickness?

Therapeutic massage, ample breathing and nutritional tips relieve nausea and give more balance between body and mind. Also, a hypnobirthing script can help you to relieve physical discomfort. Surfing the waves.

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Most women experience pregnancy ailments during pregnancy. By taking good care of yourself you get through your pregnancy as energetically and balanced as possible and you suffer as little discomfort as possible. This post is part of an overview of frequently asked questions about mild pregnancy ailments and the natural ways to relieve them. If you have anxiety or extreme cases, contact your obstetrician.