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Become aware of your needs - Experience the benefits - Look back on this unique time in a positive way

Your pregnancy and postpartum period are unique

Becoming a mum can be a hectic time with appointments with midwives and gynaecologists, the baby's room, the baby outfit and changes in the areas of work, finances and relationships. Not to mention the arrival of the baby itself! So how do you find your breath, land and be fully present in this unique inner journey that is motherhood too?

In Utrecht en omstreken ondersteun ik zwangere vrouwen en net bevallen moeders om zo lekker mogelijk in hun vel te zitten rondom de zwangerschap. Voor, tijdens én na de bevalling. Aan huis, op de praktijk in Hoograven, in het geboortehuis, ziekenhuis of op de cursuslocatie bij Nieuw Rotsoord. Als BATC-therapeut, hypnobirthing docent en doula. Alles voor een optimale start voor moeder & baby.

Marise Bout
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I support pregnant women and new mothers who have just given birth to feel as comfortable as possible with themselves during the time of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. To do so, I use integral body-mind methods, such as therapeutic massage and breathwork. I also enjoy giving hypnobirthing courses and customised doula guidance. Everything for a good start for mother & baby.

Marise Bout


Focused on presence, trust & inner wisdom


Over 6 years experience as a BATC therapist with basic medical knowledge


Member of the BCE for high-quality prenatal information and counselling


English and Dutch speaking. Love to hear about your journey!

Hypnobirthing Pro-cursus

Een unieke, volledige en vriendelijke hypnobirthing zwangerschapscursus om spanning los te laten en vertrouwen op te bouwen tijdens zwangerschap en geboorte. Voor jou en je partner, als positieve voorbereiding op je bevalling.

Hypnobirthing Pro course

Unique Hypnobirthing Pro course from the Netherlands - you learn everything necessary for a calm birth, together with your birth partner (positive mindset). As a seed of natural tranquillity that is invited to grow and blossom in you, your partner and your baby. During and after the pregnancy.


Your personal birth guide

When I was pregnant, I would have liked to have had a guide to show me around the world of birth so that I could make a conscious choice for care that suited me. I wish the same for you! With the knowledge of today I would like to be your personal doula and guide for small-scale, personal & natural birth care in the Utrecht region.