Pregnancy soedem (retaining fluid)

What is pregnancy soedem?

Pregnancy soedema is the phenomenon that as a pregnant woman you hold fluid in feet, ankles and/or legs. Then you have thick ankles, feet or lower legs. The moisture you produce during your pregnancy drops down due to gravity. Because you produce more blood, the body sometimes has more difficulty pumping back the blood from the lower extremities. The blood flows more slowly and has less capacity to absorb it through the lymphatic system fluid from tissues. Also, the pressure on the vessels around the groin may have been increased by an enlarged uterus, which makes the transport of the blood upwards even more difficult. It occurs mainly in the third trimester and in hot weather.

What to do with pregnancy soedema?

The creation of extra fluid during pregnancy is a natural process. With therapeutic foot reflex massage that focuses on the reflex zones for the lymphatic system, you stimulate your body to drain the excess fluid (lymph drainage).

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Most women experience pregnancy ailments during pregnancy. By taking good care of yourself you get through your pregnancy as energetically and balanced as possible and you suffer as little discomfort as possible. This post is part of an overview of frequently asked questions about mild pregnancy ailments and the natural ways to relieve them. If you have anxiety or extreme cases, contact your obstetrician.