The 6 c’s of hypnobirthing

The baseline of hypnobirthing

The baseline of hypnobirthing is simple. How can we summarise the core themes covered in the hypnobirthing course in a shortlist of points? With this mnemonic of six c’s you can always remember. They come from the KG Hypnobirthing method, which I taught for 2.5 years as a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher in the Netherlands before developing my own freestanding hypnobirthing course in Dutch and English, which I’m teaching live and is also available as an online course to follow in your own time.

  1. Confidence – Trusting your intuition and your body and how it is designed to birth your baby, and that baby knows best. When you feel confident, you relax. Trusting your body to let go.
  2. Calm – Training relaxation techniques for body and mind to enable you to keep an inner calm during pregnancy and birth, together with your birth partner. Training body & mind.
  3. Comfort – The result is that your body works efficiently and comfortably. In this way birthing can be an empowering and wonderful experience. Inviting an empowering birth experience.
  4. Choice – Knowing all your choices before, during, and afterbirth, so you can take informed decisions. Taking informed decisions.
  5. Control – Tools and information to give a sense of control, especially useful when dealing with the medical staff and system. Owning your autonomy.
  6. Communication – Communicating your wishes with your birth team helps to achieve the most positive experience for you and your baby.Making your wishes known

6 c’s of hypnobirthing infographic

If you like a quick help to memorise these points, you could save the following infographic with a bookmark or social media tool like Pinterest. Feel free to share!

6 c's of hypnobirthing infographic

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