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Therapeutic foot reflex massage helps you to prepare for childbirth, to stimulate surges when you are (almost) overdue and to relieve discomfort around the pregnancy and postpartum period. The foot reflex methodology is a treatment in which zones on the foot reflect organs and parts of the body. By stimulating these reflex points, blockages are removed and your self-healing capacity is addressed. Therapeutic foot reflexology does not only have a strong grounding effect, but can also be used during pregnancy, to prepare you for the delivery, with breech presentation, to relieve discomfort, to stimulate contractions or for your postpartum recovery.

Foot reflexology around pregnancy

In the nine months that you are pregnant, your body changes continuously. Your body and mind are in full development to let you and your baby grow and prosper. Therefore you may experience pregnancy ailments. With the foot reflexology method, the systems involved, like the digestive system and the hormonal system, can be supported through the reflex zones on the feet to get through your pregnancy as energetic and balanced as possible.

Reflex zones to induce childbirth

The reflex zones from foot reflexology can also be directed towards the systems involved in inducing labour. Very useful to induce labour in a natural way. If you are overdue and in consultation with your midwife or gynaecologist to strip or medically induce, the foot reflexology treatment is a nice alternative. The treatment of pressure points on your foot invites your baby to move. After all, it is the baby who gives the starting signal for the delivery when he or she is ready. If you want that, we plan a number of sessions in short succession. In addition to the reflex points on your feet, I also pay attention to a number of other acupressure points on your body for inducing labour and give you some tips for a natural introduction.

Reflex zones in breech presentation

A foot reflexology treatment can also be used for breech presentation, because there are specific reflex zones in contact with the uterus. Treatment of these points in combination with moxa is a beautiful method to have a baby turn in a natural way, as a natural alternative for an ECV or a possible C-section as a result of the breech presentation

Reflexology for postpartum recovery

reflexologie en voetmassage verlicht zwangerschapskwaaltjes

Therapeutic foot reflexology for the postpartum mother promotes recovery, energy and balance in the postpartum mother. A postpartum course including foot massage supports the new mum in many ways for up to a year after giving birth. Afterwards all the benefits apply to the new mum as well.

Is foot reflexology safe when you are pregnant?

Pregnant women often wonder if balancing via the feet is safe during pregnancy. The answer is definitely yes! The relief and balancing effect is only positive. To be on the safe side in the vulnerable first trimester, you are welcome in our practice from 12 weeks.

Effect on body and mind

In summary, the foot reflexology method has an enlightening effect on body and mind. The work form gives energy and balance and has the following benefits:

Relieves restlessness and tension
Improves blood circulation
Supports the immune system
Relieves pregnancy ailments such as insomnia, pregnancy sickness, heartburn and backache
Stimulates the induction of labour
Stimulates baby’s rotation in breech presentation
Promotes postpartum recovery

History of reflexology

Several sources report that reflexology originated in Latin America, India and China. The story goes that the Chinese acupuncturist Dr Ko Chung discovered that if he used his thumbs to apply strong pressure to the feet while the needles were in place, the effect was enhanced and extra energy was released. Then it was physiotherapist Eunice Ingham who, at the beginning of the last century, translated this ancient knowledge into a Western approach in which foot reflex zones are connected to certain body parts and organs.

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