laptop met online hypnobirthing cursus

This online Hypnobirthing Pro parents’ course is a good alternative for a live course. You can join in from your sofa or arm chair via tablet, mobile or laptop. I will guide you online on your way to a calm delivery for you, your partner and your baby.

Benefits on-demand hypnobirthing classes

What are the benefits of this on-demand hypnobirthing course?

  • Developed in the Netherlands, home to the cultural heritage of home birthing.
  • A full and in-depth online hypnobirthing course (with streamed video content)
  • The accompanying digital hypnobirthing book with accompanying mp3’s
  • Get started in your own home environment, at ease
  • Learn at your own pace, at every stage of your pregnancy
  • Always all information at your fingertips
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for a simple but effective training
  • Start with or without a partner. He or she can always hook up later
  • All the references you need
  • Coronaproof

International perspective birth care

pregnant ladies take online pregnancy course

Since this course has been developed by Dutch hypnobirthing teacher Marise Bout, the first perspective is the Dutch birth care system. Since Marise also has a background as a Human Geographer, she likes to take you on a journey to the trends of international birth care as well. The course is available in Dutch and English.

What’s included

In the private sessions, we can focus on any hypnobirthing tools and techniques you like. For example

  • Breathing and visualization techniques
  • Positive birth affirmations and scripts
  • Touch and massage techniques
  • The use of positive anchors
  • Information about the birth process so you know what to expect
  • Fulfilling the role of your birth partner so that he can fully support you

Or get more in-depth info about

  • Your pregnant body and what it was specially designed for
  • Dutch birth care and possible interventions
  • Benefits and risks of interventions so you can make an informed choice

The following scenarios are discussed:

  • Breech
  • Advanced age of the mother
  • Birth by caesarean section
  • IVF pregnancies
  • Back-to-back babies
  • Longer pregnancies
  • Group B streptococcal pregnancy