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Online hypnobirthing course designed to release tension around childbirth and give birth with confidence. To optimally prepare body and mind for the birthing process, for the best possible start for baby, mother and partner.

On your way to a positive birth experience

Four steps for pregnant women with partner

English Online Hypnobirthing Course - Hypnobirthing Pro

1. Natural birth process

You will receive information about the birth process, so you know what to expect. We will also talk about your pregnant body and what nature has designed it to do and we will discuss the role of your birth partner, so that he or she can fully support you. Starting point in your personal intention for childbirth. Because every woman, every pregnancy and every baby is unique.

2. Hypnobirthing techniques

With explanations from your hypnobirthing teacher, you will work on breathing and visualisation techniques, positive birth affirmations and scripts, touch and massage techniques and last-but-not least the use of positive anchors.

3. Navigating in birth care

You will learn the ins-and-outs of Dutch birth care and tools to navigate in it. This hypnobirthing course is also suitable for mothers in special circumstances, such as breech presentation - advanced age of the mother - birth by caesarean section - stargazers - longer pregnancies - group B strep infection.

4. The birth

We will discuss your wishes for giving birth and go through the options during childbirth step-by-step. You will learn to breathe gently downwards and how to feel where your cervix is allowed to open gently and smoothly. And what exactly is a lotus birth? And a golden hour?

+ Hypnobirthing quiz

What did you learn about the physiology of birth? And are you aware of some important birth statistics?

A Question for you...
You cherish the light growing inside you, but you also have doubts about the birth process?
When you try to imagine childbirth, do you think things like:
If this sounds familiar to you, then I understand where you are coming from. I also wondered all this once. After my own hypnobirth, in-depth hypnobirthing training and counselling numerous pregnant couples and singles in the Netherlands, I have developed a hypnobirthing method to guide you through all these questions.
angsten zorg bevalling tokofobie

Introducing Hypnobirthing Pro: a personal journey towards a calm and confident birth

As a seed of natural peace that grows and blossoms in you, your partner and your child

Learn to walk your own unique birth path. Inspired by and designed in the Netherlands, a country with a rich midwifery and home-birthing tradition.

This is what you can expect from this online hypnobirthing course in a nutshell.

hypnobirthing utrecht english and dutch course book with online hypnobirthing course
Hypnobirthing Pro Course Book 2023

I look back on the birth with a good feeling. The birthing process went very consciously, with a lot of peace! With contemplation, space to make my own choices and more sense of being in control. Thank you for this!


Preparing for childbirth does not have to be worrisome and complicated

And no, you don't have to make a whole study of it either.
Yes, I recognise it, it sometimes seems that THE birthing wisdom can be found through countless Instagram accounts, YouTube videos and podcasts full of good advice.You might not be able to select the right information for you. How much time you can spend there... Before you know it, you're hours ahead, and does it really positively influence your mindset?
And then your family, friends and colleagues who are happy to share their stories and opinions, but do they all really suit you?
You could make better use of your time and energy during this unique phase of your life.
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Meet Your Hypnobirthing Teacher

Hi, I'm Marise

I know from my personal hypnobirth experience in the Netherlands how hypnobirthing can make a difference in the lives of mother and baby and am happy to pass on my knowledge to expats and internationals (because I love to work internationally!)

What is my background

Marise Bout hypnobirthing teacher dutch english

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The hypnobirthing course gives many tools to think about one's own birthing wishes and also to turn around should things go differently than expected. The starting point is the natural process of giving birth and how to support it. Also useful for partners! Marise is a nice and open course leader with whom you feel at ease.

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When is this online hypnobirthing course suitable for you?

positieve bevalling cursus hypnobirthing ervaring
  • If you want to learn how to use your breath to be calmly present during your surges
  • If you want to learn exercises to prepare positively for birth together with your (birth) partner
  • If you want to build confidence in your body’s natural birthing process
  • If you have already taken a hypnobirthing course and are about to give birth again
  • If you want to go into the depths more than on average
  • If you want to stay in charge during childbirth
  • If you want to learn everything you need to navigate in the birth care system
  • If you want to learn tools to deal with special circumstances and interventions
  • When you give birth without a partner

I was able to "relax" through it very well with the help of the scripts and the anchors and was very relaxed. We are really incredibly grateful for everything you taught us and all the materials we got. It has been such a nice experience and the fact that I have not been scared or nervous for a second is really great. All the practice has definitely been worth it!

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Take advantage of this English online hypnobirthing course with over 60 videos, course book, mp3s for a smoother, calmer & more positive birth experience!


Is Hypnobirthing Pro a birthing course or pregnancy course?
Because Hypnobirthing Pro prepares you for childbirth, it is a birth course rather than a pregnancy course.
What is the best time to start the course?
This can be done at any time during pregnancy. Most women start the hypnobirthing pregnancy course in the second or third trimester, after the 20-week ultrasound. Are you more than 34 weeks pregnant? Then opt for a private combination crash course or online course.
Can I also participate from abroad?
Even if you work or travel abroad, you are welcome to join this online hypnobirthing course. With a background as a Human Geographer, I enjoy welcoming parents from all over the world. I have experience teaching parents from France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Ireland, the UK, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Austria, China, Colombia!
Is there also an Dutch-language version?
Yes, the complete online course is also available in Dutch. Are you a multilingual couple? Send me a message and you get access to both the Dutch and English version at the same time.

Send me a personal message and I will get back to you asap!