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Positive birth experience in the Netherlands

A complete, practical and friendly 12-hour training programme for pregnant couples in the Netherlands. These English childbirth classes are known from British hospitals and aim to release tension and build confidence during pregnancy and birth. For you and your partner, designed to give your baby the best possible start in Holland. Plenty of attention to your options, hypnobirthing exercises for body & mind and the Dutch birth care system.


I can look back on the birth with a positive feeling. This birth was very conscious, with lots of peace! With a sense of reflection, enough space to make your own choices and more of a sense of control. Thank you for this!

Hypnobirthing book, mp3s and relaxations

By best-selling hypnotherapist Katharine Graves. Audio and exercises available in English & Dutch.

Extensive training material

Handouts, reference sheets and additional online module full of inspiration and info on Dutch birth care.

Up-to-date childbirth info

It draws from an international network of over 600 birth educators and has a direct line to the foundress.

Mother and father

With the help of the scripts and the anchors, I was able to "relax" through it really well and was able to feel very calm. We are really very grateful for everything you have taught us and all the materials we have been given. It has been such a nice experience and the fact that I have not been scared or nervous for a second is truly amazing. All the practising has been absolutely worth it!

Hypnobirthing course Utrecht

Live group course hypnobirthing with like-minded international parents from Utrecht & Randstad area. These hypnobirthing classes tailored to the Dutch context contain everything you need for a calm birth. As a seed of natural tranquility that may grow and flourish with you, your birth partner and your child.

Mom and dad

We are very greatful for the hypnobirthing course as the tips and tricks you taught us were a huge help to us both. Hypnobirthing helped us have an open mind & to ask all the right questions

Private childbirth classes

Personal hypnobirthing course at home (or virtually) with 1-on-1 sessions for you and your partner. Relaxed and tailor-made.

Private childbirth classes

Online course

In your own time, in your familiar home environment with the possibility of personal guidance from the hypnobirthing instructor

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Online course

Refresher course

If you have taken a hypnobirthing course before and now want to immerse yourself in relaxation again.

Refresher course

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