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Natural Waves is there for you to refresh, land and balance at any stage of life. Whether it is about fertility, pregnancy, maternity, motherhood or your full womanhood, you are most welcome, whatever wave of life you are on. With a toolbox full of nature-based methodologies from all over the world, Marise is happy to support you (and her hands as well!)!

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Energy & balance

If you are not feeling fit and are experiencing complaints such as digestive complaints or insomnia, I am here for you to help you rebalance with natural methodologies. Make an appointment for a first intake and find out what I can do for you!

Women’s health

Women’s complaints such as at menopause and menstruation can get in your way as a woman. I help you to relieve them according to the 5 nature-oriented principles energy – stimulus transfer – drainage – nutrition – spiritual well-being. Relying on a toolbox full of holistic body-mind methodologies, I am happy to provide loving and gentle support for your health and recovery.


Sometimes getting pregnant doesn’t go as easily as you would like. So how do you make sure your body and mind are optimally balanced to receive this miracle? I promote your fertility integrally and tailor-made, including with therapeutic Ayurvedic massage, moxa, reflex zone massage, nutrition and lifestyle tips.

Pregnancy and birth

The fitter you are as an (expectant) mum, the easier you will experience pregnancy, birth and maternity. Stay optimally fit by supporting yourself with Ayurvedic massage, foot reflexology massage and gentle therapeutic courses. Also in preparation for a smooth and calm birth and relief during and after childbirth.

Postpartum treatment

After birth, it is easy to forget yourself as a mother. Bearing this in mind, how nice is it when there is extra attention to gentle support for your body and your recovery, exactly matching what you have been through and need? Natural Waves is happy to support you with therapeutic postpartum massage, foot reflex zone massage, moxa and the rebozo closure ritual. Get in touch for options at the practice or at your home.

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