pregnancy massage Utrecht

Harmonising mother and baby

Coming home to yourself

This therapeutic pregnancy massage in Utrecht is a wonderful way to get into your body and be present with yourself and your baby.

Personalised pregnancy massage

Personalised pregnancy massage
My approach is personal and adapted to your needs; I work integrally, using a toolbox full of advanced massage techniques for this pregnancy massage in Utrecht.

Benefits pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage contributes to:

  • Increased oxytocin production, the hormone that directly opens and softens the uterus near childbirth and contributes to the bonding between mother and child.
  • Lower blood pressure, heart rate & calmer breathing
  • Better uterine blood flow, which contributes to better baby health
  • A better immunological response in mother and child, affecting, for example, the development of asthma and allergies.
  • Less stress, anxiety and pain in the mother
  • A shorter delivery time and fewer complications
  • A smooth recovery of the postpartum mother

Massage table with opening for stomach and breasts

At the practice in Utrecht Rivierenwijk, you lie on a comfortable massage table especially for pregnancy massages, with a cut-out for the belly and breasts. This allows you to lie on your stomach, which gives pregnant women that extra bit of relief for the pelvis and lower back. It can be nice to ‘get rid of that extra weight for a while’, allowing you to let go of everything in your body

Pregnancy massage relieves pregnancy ailments

The wonder of life in your belly during pregnancy is magnificent, yet you may also experience discomfort. With a baby on the way, your body and mind are in full swing. Your body, and your belly in particular, is making room for your growing baby, which can cause pregnancy discomfort. As your baby grows, your body grows along with it, so you may experience:

  • pregnancy sickness & heartburn
  • pregnancy oedema, fluid retention in arms, legs and feet
  • ligament pain
  • lower back pain
  • pelvic pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • calf cramps

For you and your baby

Experiences of you and your baby have a profound influence on the further development of pregnancy and birth, and thus on the early life in your belly. Thoughts about you and your baby’s health, childbirth, the postpartum period and parenthood can be turbulent. You are no longer just caring for yourself now, but for two. With therapeutic touch during a pregnancy massage, you connect with your own pregnant self and stimulate grounding energy and balance (and that of your baby!) in this turbulent stage of development.

First 1000 days

We know more and more about the effects of a calm pregnancy and the short- and long-term effects on childbirth and maternal and child health. A baby’s first 1,000 days are a blueprint for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, it is worth using pregnancy massage to prepare for labour in the last weeks of your pregnancy. After all, calmness in the mother in that final phase of pregnancy contributes to a smooth and calm delivery that mother and child can look back on positively.

How often and when do you recommend pregnancy massages?

My general advice is to receive a therapeutic pregnancy massage in Utrecht at least once a month between 12 and 37 weeks. After 37 weeks then 1x weekly therapeutic foot reflexology massage in preparation for a smooth, successful delivery.

What is an optimal timing of pregnancy massages?

In this regard, a regular sequence of sessions is more powerful than single consultations. This gives space to let the gentle body-mind methodologies do their work, exactly where needed.